Hello world

Updated on: 4/7/2024

Hello world!

If you couldn’t already tell from the page’s title, I’m Mitchell. I’m a software engineer living in Tokyo… you can read the rest of this on the about page.

I’m making this site as a minimal personal online presence, as well as a playground for learning about the Astro framework and any other experiments that interest me.

I’ve started blogs a number of times in the past, but they have always gone abandoned after a few posts once I run out of things to say (or that I’m comfortable saying publicly). There’s also an element of perfectionism or imposter syndrome in knowing that anything you put online will exist forever in some form or another, and that’s pretty terrifying. One might argue that none of that matters if nobody reads it, but that too is demotivating: why write if no one will read?

It would be overly optimistic to assume that this time will be different, so I’ll end with a caution to not expect anything from this project, and to treat anything else that comes purely as a bonus!