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Interesting and educational YouTube channels

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite ways to spend my free time is to watch videos on YouTube. But there is more to YouTube than videos of cats and viral videos! In this post, I will tell you about some of my favorite educational YouTube channels that I regularly watch.

CGP Grey

I always look forward to watching a CGP Grey video whenever he makes a new one. CGP Grey is an American living in London, but he makes painstakingly-detailed videos explaining all sorts of topics. Some of my favorites include: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England ExplainedCoffee: The Greatest Addiction EverCopyright: Forever Less One Day, and Death to Pennies, but I haven’t seen any video of his that I haven’t liked! Go check him out!


When speaking of American ex-pats in Britain who make YouTube videos, you can’t leave out Michael Stevens of VSauce. VSauce’s videos, like CGP Grey’s, are also on topics of general interest, but VSauce stands out due to Michael’s easy to follow presentation style and his impressive ability to smoothly guide the viewer across many related topics under each video’s main theme. Some of my favorites include: Are We Ready For Aliens?What Does Earth Look Like?Is The 5-Second Rule True?, and You Don’t Type Alone. If there’s something that you have ever wondered about, chances are that VSauce has done a video about it!


CrashCourse is an ongoing series created by John and Hank Green (better known as the VlogBrothers) in which they do weekly in-depth lessons about the sciences and humanities. John Green, as an award-winnning author, handles the humanities lessons, while his younger brother Hank, a musician and entrepreneur (but trained as a biochemist), takes care of the sciences. So far, they have produced full series on World HistoryLiteratureUS HistoryBiologyEcology, and Chemistry, and will be continuing this year with Psychology and an as-yet-unannounced humanities topic. If you ever wanted to re-learn all those classes you ignored in high school, well here is your chance!


MinutePhysics’s creator Henry Reich aims to explain the physics of the everyday world using short, simple, hand-drawn animations. I like Henry’s videos because of his imaginative drawings and concise, yet thorough presentation style. He also has another channel called MinuteEarth which focuses on biology, geology, and ecology.

The Brady Haran Channels

Brady Haran is an Australian filmmaker who used to work for the BBC, but now dedicates his time to making YouTube videos. And he is prolific! Many of Brady’s channels are collaborations with the faculty of the University of Nottingham about a variety of topics: Periodic Videos covers chemistry, Numberphile covers mathematics, Sixty Symbols does physics, Computerphile does computer science, Deep Sky Videos does astronomy, Words of the World does linguistics, and more! Between all the videos he makes, you will never be lacking something interesting to watch!

Smarter Every Day

Smarter Every Day is run by Destin, an engineer living in Alabama. Most of his videos take a different look at the world around us, using slow motion, amazing demonstrations, or even silliness with chickens! Destin’s easy-going attitude together with his talent for analysis make his channel a must-watch.


Last, but definitely not least, is Veritasium, run by Derek Muller. Derek makes science-themed videos, interviews, and experiments to help clear up many common misconceptions about science. One of my favorite videos is the dropped slinky video, where he demonstrates the unusal way in which an uncoiled slinky falls to the ground. Or the World’s Roundest Object where Derek takes the viewer through a history of the kilogram and investigates what is being done to improve it. Give his channel a look!


As you can see, I enjoy watching YouTube videos that make you think about the world in a new way. I am always on the lookout for new, interesting channels to watch, so if you have recommendations of your own, feel free to share them in the comments!